Love Fine Art, Inc. works primarily on a commission-based payment schedule. When purchasing through a gallery, private dealer, or directly from the artist, the company is paid its commission directly from the vendor. When purchasing a work of art from a private collection for a client, the seller of the work of art pays the commission to Love Fine Art, Inc. The client simply pays the listed retail price for the works of art. Whenever possible, the company will negotiate on behalf of the client to purchase the work of art for the lowest price.

When purchasing a work of art for a client at auction, Love Fine Art, Inc. charges the client 10% of the hammer price as the fee. This fee includes all the services normally rendered by the company, such as finding the work of art, inspecting its condition, researching the market of similar works of art to advise on fair purchase price, and bidding on the work of art on behalf of the client.