Market Awareness
Love Fine Art, Inc. maintains a comprehensive knowledge of the worldwide art market. Mrs. Love continually visits galleries, artists’ studios, auction houses and international art fairs to stay abreast of up and coming artists. This ongoing process also lets Love Fine Arts, Inc. identify the highest quality secondary market works of art for our clients.

Pricing and Purchasing
Awareness of the global art market allows Love Fine Art, Inc. to offer a complete understanding of pricing history for works of art. This understanding enables the company to obtain the best prices on works of art for its clients. Love Fine Art, Inc. negotiates on behalf of the client to obtain the lowest possible price for a work of art. Love Fine Art, Inc. purchases art works for clients through galleries, auction houses, private sales and directly from artists. When purchasing a work at auction, the company will thoroughly check the condition of the work, advise on a fair purchase price, and bid on behalf of the client at auction.

Tours and Education
Love Fine Art, Inc. strives to provide clients a solid understanding of the art market. We offer consultation to collectors at all levels of experience – from first-time buyers to seasoned collectors. Our services include private tours of galleries, artists’ studios and museums. Each tour focuses on the specific needs of the client, and is designed to provide an understanding of the New York art scene and current art market. Love Fine Art, Inc. endeavors to keep our clients abreast of upcoming shows and auctions, which may offer works of interest. We also maintain an extensive library to expose clients to the work of interesting artists.

Shipping and Installation
Love Fine Art, Inc. offers the convenience and security of a full-service advisory business. The relationship with the client does not stop after the purchase is made - Love Fine Art, Inc. arranges all aspects of shipping and installation from door to door.

Framing and Conservation
Love Fine Art, Inc. organizes and provides for all framing and conservation needs. The company can assist in the selection of a frame which best complements the piece, and if conservation is necessary, Love Fine Art, Inc. will arrange and monitor all procedures.

Collection and Management
Love Fine Art, Inc. is committed to the management of a client’s personal collection. In addition to arranging and supervising any restoration or framing needs, Love Fine Art, Inc. can also coordinate the inclusion of art works in museum and gallery exhibitions, as well as any related or relevant publications.